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Peters Projection map vs. Mercator Projection map

"Equal area maps have been around since at least 1805. The Peters projection is only the boldest recent version. It was, predictably, the object of scorn and derision from conservative pundits and educators, and it, along with other equal area maps and the whole notion of what’s at stake in them, has been largely disappeared from American education and culture.  In post-modern, iPad America, the 100+-year-old professional educational recommendation is ignored, while the 450-year-old Mercator projection has remained the dominant, the norm. That effect is certainly on purpose.

This is important because the maps we are shown constantly in the course of our compulsory school education and our elective, but corporately managed, media education give us the picture of the world we carry around in our heads. That picture forms the most concrete and primal foundation upon which is built everything about, you know, the way we see the world.

You see before you think, and what you think is usually based on what you see. It is not intellectually-coherent political theories that form “ideology” in the most powerful sense, but, precisely, those concrete, “psychologically and practically convenient” images like this that make for a sense of “reality” and ‘common sense” which takes for granted all that’s most necessary to question. This is the “ideology” that precedes, and forms the prerequisite of, any thought-out political position, the “ideology” that is the most resistant to change. And that ideological resistance often takes exactly the form of resenting the ‘politicization’ of practical, convenient, widely-accepted, common-sense cultural memes."

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