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05 December 2013

‘Development’ has shaped countless lives and changed the landscape of entire countries. Yet, it is often used without a very clear idea of what it means - in relation to what ‘development’ really is, and what it comprises. In mainstream thinking, “development” is often associated with economic advancement and social progress. However, the mainstream perspective should be challenged as there is unresolved tension between material progress on the one hand, and the understanding of what constitutes human wellbeing on the other.  In this context, a ‘reimagining’ of development – what it is as well as how we get there, or critically assessing whether the concept is obsolete to meet current challenges – may be opportune. Thus, it is vital that the reimagining dialogue includes a component in which we look at development through film as the role of the arts in releasing human potential is a central element to the essence of development.  

In his article (first published in the Raavaya newspaper on December 1, 2013), Chamila discusses the urgent need to dissect existing notions of development through the lens of art. The article can be downloaded by clicking the link below: