When Kids In Third World Countries Read First World Problems, They Suddenly Don’t Feel Like Problems

The video clearly shows the massive difference between the first world and the third world in an ironical fashion. It gives the message that while people from the first world fret over petty things, there are also people in another part of the world who have serious problems such as having no clean water to drink or enough food to eat. The title of the video says “When kids in third world countries read first world problems, they suddenly don’t feel like real problems”. Problems such as the leather seat feeling cold in winter are not serious problems compared to that of a child who shivers in the cold but has no proper clothes to wear. While there are people who don’t want “pickle” in their food there are also people who have no proper food to eat. This, however, is the reality of the world we live in. Those blessed with luxury are still not happy with what they have and those with no luxury at all yearn for a better living.