The launch of a Reimagining Development publication: ‘You May Say I’m A Dreamer…Essays on Reimagining Development’

The publication is a collection of articles written by a diverse group of writers who share their ideas on various problems and themes such as urban gentrification, marginalized groups, corporate social responsibility, the right to access knowledge, patriarchal societies, increasing dependency etc. - that influence development both globally and in a Sri Lankan context.



The publication is an embodiment of CEPA’s ‘Reimagining’ initiative which aims to push existing knowledge boundaries, and create a space for germinating new ideas and research that challenges the conventional neo-liberal paradigm of development.



The overarching idea behind this endeavor is to inspire people from all walks of life to look at development through a different lens, and to join us on this quest to generate new ideas and pursue new avenues for development.


The launch event was held on the 20th June, 2014 at the Colombo Public Library Exhibition Hall.




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